today sending data, images or video is easy

and what about money or other assets?

one platform to connect them all

Digital assets wallet

Digital payments are becoming more popular, users can pay with their smartphone euros, dollars or others.

And that's just the beginning, soon there will be tokens, loyalty coins, local community currencies, etc.

Assetverse is a platform to enable people to manage that incoming universe of digital assets under one single interface.

It supports many assets ranging from fiat money to cryptocurrencies, tokens and much more.

With assetverse you can easilly keep, send, receive and exchange digital assets.

Standard users

We want to make your life easy but keeping two principles: your data are yours, give as much security as possible.


You can enrol to the many applications available.

Before enrolment, you are notified of the data needed by the application.

Assetverse servers are designed with world-class security standards.

The client side runs on your devide, however we will try to audit the application so no surprises appear.

Password and critical data

Assetverse does not hold your passwords or private keys.

We give you mechanisms to recover your keys if your device becomes lost or stolen.

In summary, you don't need to be a cryptography or ciber-security expert to be safe!

Digital assets

Each application defines which assets supports, if several applications share the same asset they can be connected, for instance you could send euros from a wallet to a debit card.

There is also a built-in exchange so you can change one asset for another.

In your porfolio appear all the assets you have and you can send and receive them easily.

Blockchain users

With assetverse you are in command. You choose how you want to operate, whether you want centralized, decentralized wallets or both.

Blockchain agnostic

Assetverse is blockchain agnostic, this means are designed to support any blockchain.

Assetverse will add support to more blockchains providing wallets for their coins and tokens.

Our intention is to add the most relevant blockchains so you have a wide choice of possibilities.


You can exchange your assets directly from your decentralized wallets even with assets from different blockchains.

You may also operate faster and with lower fees with assets deposited or centralized in assetverse’s exchange.

Moving your assets from your decentralized wallets to assetverse’s exchange (deposit) and back to your wallet (withdraw) is fast and easy.


Assetverse is an open platform. Third parties may apply to get their applications included in assetverse application portfolio.

Overtime, there will be more applications and more assets supported within the platform.

And most importantly, real applications where users may send, receive or exchange value. Noken is an example of such application that enables users tokenize assets under notarial custody.

Third parties may also develop their applications and benefit from asset interoperability among their application and Asserverse one.